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Things you should know before your padel tennis trip

Are the flight costs included in the price of the padel tennis trip?

Our prices are exclusive of flight costs. This means that you book your flight to Mallorca and back yourself. Flight prices are subject to large fluctuations, so for organisational reasons it makes more sense if you try to book yourself. This also gives you the opportunity to save money on your flight. 

How much does the padel tennis trip cost?

The individual price for your trip depends on the travel package you choose. From the basic "Just Padel" package to the all-inclusive "Padel Deluxe" package, our packages offer everything your padel heart desires. See prices now.

Where am I accommodated on Mallorca?

This depends on the travel package you choose. If you book a package that includes a hotel stay, we will put you up in a nice hotel that has at least 3 stars. It is very important to us that you feel comfortable in the hotel and that it offers all the amenities you need to have a great holiday.

What equipment should I take with me?

For the padel tennis holiday, you need the same things that you need when you play at home. That means a padel tennis racket, suitable shoes for artificial turf with sand and sports clothes. If you don't want to or can't take your racket with you, or if you don't have your own racket, you can borrow one on site in the clubhouse for a small fee.

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How do I get from the airport to the hotel?

If you want to book a travel package without the car hire option, you can take a taxi or bus for the transfer from the airport to the hotel. A taxi ride to Palma costs around 20 EUR. The bus is much cheaper, but does not drop you off at the hotel door.


How do I get from the hotel to the Padel Tennis Club?

A rental car will reliably take you from the hotel to the club and back. Depending on the travel package a rental car is included in the price.


In which language do the padel tennis lessons take place?

Padel tennis lessons can be taken in English or Spanish, depending on the language skills of the participants. Experience has shown that a basic knowledge of one language (e.g. English) is sufficient to be able to follow the lessons.


What does the travel planning look like in detail?

We will send you a detailed version of the padel tennis trip when you contact us. To contact us, click on this link and fill out the form.


What makes Mallorca a particularly good padel tennis destination?

Mallorca has long been a popular destination among Spanish padel tennis fans. The island combines fantastic weather, mountains, beach and sea with excellent padel tennis conditions like no other destination. You can play outdoors all year round on Mallorca and the padel tennis clubs on the island are in very good condition. The club often has a restaurant where you can enjoy an excellent meal and drink after the sport. And with a hospitality that is second to none. What more could you want?

Padel tennis under the Mallorcan sun is a very special experience and brings pure holiday.

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