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Here, former customers of ours have their say and share with you the experience they had playing padel with us on Mallorca. 

Hannah M.

Padel Vacation

I started playing padel tennis about a year ago and it captivated me from the start. When I saw that it could be combined with a holiday in Mallorca, I booked immediately. I was completely satisfied with the training and service and very well looked after.

Mario S.

Just Padel

My partner and I had an unforgettable time with our coach Sergi, who worked with us on our technique and taught us new shots. Back home, everyone was amazed at how we improved in such a short time.

Beate Z.

Padel Vacation

I booked the Padel Vacation with two friends. The combination of padel tennis, hotel stay and rental car is simply top. And the lessons were a lot of fun. Sergi is a really good coach and manages to get the best out of you. We would love to come back!

Rolf S.

Padel Deluxe

My wife and I spent a sportive, culinary and very recommendable trip with Padel-Tennis Mallorca. Good organisation, friendly staff and good value for money. Happy to recommend you to others.

Miriam V.

Padel Vacation

As a single person, holidays are sometimes difficult. It can be easy to get the feeling of being alone. Not so on this padel trip. I was on the court training with Sergi for an hour and a half in the morning and had games with local people in the afternoon. I felt very well integrated and the feeling of travelling alone didn't arise at all.

Christian S.

Just Padel

Everything went well and smoothly. The trainer was attentive to everything and gave great corrections. The games and partners were well chosen. It was always exciting and challenging. I went to the BBQ on Thursday and it tasted very original and delicious. Many thanks for everything and maybe see you soon.

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Sandra B.

Padel Vacation

Thank you very much for the very well organised padel week. Everything worked perfectly: rental car, hotel, trainer. You responded to our customer request without hesitation [1 week hotel and rental car and 12 hours padel😊).🫶

Stefan K.

Padel Vacation

Very good value for money. Super cool training sessions with the top trainer Sergi. It was awesome. Memories like "more steps Stefan" or do steps like Michael Jackson etc. stay in my mind and will always put a smile on my face. We can highly recommend it to everyone. We will gladly come again. 🫶

Luise G.

Padel Vacation

I had a great time with Padel-Tennis Mallorca. The island is already beautiful and when you combine it with padel, the experience is even better. THANK YOU!

Jörg G.

Just Padel

I really enjoyed the Padel Bootcamp. True to the motto short and sweet, it went into full swing from the very first moment. I recommend the package to anyone who wants to improve their technique in a short time.

Testimonial Padel Reisen Mallorca

Lena L.

Padel Vacation

I love padel and enjoyed playing outside in beautiful surroundings. The team at Padel Tennis Mallorca did an excellent job. From the organisation to the courts and coaches, everything was top notch. A clear recommendation!

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